Our frequently asked questions

Do I have to be present at the inventory?


The inventory allows you to record in writing the state of your new home. If you are unavailable, you must inform the Régie beforehand and submit a power of attorney to an adult of your choice with a copy of your identity document and all the documents requested when signing the lease so that we can hand over the keys to the property.

How do I provide a rent guarantee?


If you do not want to set aside a large amount of money in a bank account, it is possible to enter into a contract with companies that will guarantee your rent with the property management.

The guarantee companies will charge you a fixed amount in the first year, and a percentage of the amount to be guaranteed in subsequent years. 

The companies offering such services in Switzerland are : SwissCaution, FirstCaution or SmartCaution. All have specific features, and the guarantees offered are not necessarily available in all cantons or communes.

What is a social share in a housing co-operative?


It is a stake in the social capital of the co-operative. It is obligatory in order to join the co-operative. It is individual, non-transferable and refundable upon terminaion of the lease.

When housing is assigned, the social share is deducted from the funds to be paid.

How can I receive new offers ?


You can create an alert on the basis of your search criteria and receive the description of the rental opportunity as soon as it is put online on our website.

Where are you located?

Where are you in Geneva?


Our offices are in Petit-Lancy, chemin des Olliquettes 10 (Geneva).

Public transportation TPG, bus/Tram stop  “les Esserts“.

By car, please park next to our building or at “Lancy Centre” or Parc Bertrand public parking only 200 meters away.

GPS: @46.1887304,6.1133505

Where are you in Lausanne?


Our office is located in Prilly, chemin du Viaduc 1 at the 4th floor of commercial centre “Malley-Lumières”.

Public transport CFF, train station “Prilly-Malley”.

By car, you can easily park in the building “Malley-Lumières” commercial centre.

GPS: @46.5272871,6.6003008