Human Resources


In accordance with our Human Resources policy, we are committed to :

  • Recruiting and retaining top-level employees providing a pleasant and motivating work environment and developing continuing education programs.
  • Facilitating the insertion of new employees within our company through a careful and personalized induction, including a training programme relating to the employee’s post and enabling our employees to increase their knowledge and know-how, while contributing to their professional and personal fulfilment.
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The Régie du Rhône is constantly looking for new talent.

Send us your application through a spontaneous application with :

  • Curriculum vitae
  • A covering letter
  • A copy of your professional and degree certificates



Internships & apprenticeships

As an player in the property business, we encourage people with a vocation and train the future leaders of tomorrow. 

  • IEI : Real estate research institutes 
  • MPC : Commercial professional maturity
  • Apprenticeship : Future candidates will have to pass the tests organized by the APGCI (Professional Association of Real Estate Managers and Brokers)
  • Immodéfi : Immodéfi offers comprehensive training in the main competencies required in the property management profession



Nos ressources humaines


Our Human Resources

We attach great importance to staff quality and stability.

In the field of real estate management, knowledge of the technical and property characteristics of a building, combined with interpersonal relationships (with the owner, the community of tenants, suppliers, andconcierge) are key to clear-headed, sustainable management, profitable to all parties.

Training is an essential commitment for all. We have been awarded the USPI training label attesting that we make special efforts to promote the training of our employees, so as to ensure a high level of knowledge and professionalism.

nos ressources humaines

We are also committed to the future of our profession by training mature professional apprenticies and trainees as well as Immodéfistes. For this training, the USPI innovates by collaborating with the Disability Insurance fund (DI), which offers some beneficiaries of rehabilitation benefits the opportunity to return to working life. The success of this training is due not only to the quality of the theory taught but especially to the internship at the Régie, monitored by a professional in the branch.

In addition, some of our highly qualified staff work as trainers in the APGCI / USPI / SVIT courses for apprentices and real estate professionals, and as experts in the Brevet Fédéral Management examinations.

Our commitment has recently been recognized by our being awarded the “SERI” label, “State Secretariat for Training, Research and Innovation” attesting our status as a training company. We are investing in the excellence of continuing training by offering not only external training but also by creating and monitoring an internal training programme “Training Passport” for all employees (multi-service training with management or external stakeholder.) (Approximately 3,000 hours per year of internal / external training, i.e. over CHF 100,000 per year).