Property Management

Rental management

Listening and looking ahead are the basis of how we manage relationships with tenants, coupled with a sound understanding of tenancy law and the market. We send you all the information you need and in the format you prefer. 

We study the different trends in the residential and commercial rental market on a daily basis. Our advice and powerful IT tools will allow you to follow the variations in supply and demand with peace of mind. 

Technical expertise

Our management groups are made up of technicians who deal with the different trades on a daily basis and have a command of building legislation. The proactive management of buildings by setting budgets and making regular site visits allows us to identify the work that needs to be undertaken.

Our renovation department will also guide you in managing large-scale building work.


Co-operative housing management

Our teams, trained in the specific constraints of managing co-operative housing, have a wealth of experience. They will offer you advice and assistance so that your co-operative is managed in a way that suits you.

Management of subsidized buildings

We have years of experience in managing real estate that is subject to state oversight to the highest standards. Our specialized staff have a perfect command of the specific requirements, legal and administrative provisions and sensitives involved in this type of management.

Financial management and online management 

We adapt to all customers requests. Traditional management, opening of separate accounts, a specific chart of accounts, online access – our IT tools are on hand so that we can meet our customers every request.



Our staff

For our customers’ convenience, we limit the number of staff contacts. The management group supervised by the portfolio manager is the central point of contract for day-to-day management. Available and responsive to all our stakeholders, our management groups are supported by “customers managers” who assist them on specific issues as well as specific internal services (legal affaires, insurance, etc.). The in-house and off-site training of our staff allows us to respond professionally on all topics relating to real estate.