A long-term vision and awareness of our business


Managing for Quality, Social Relations, and the Environment

In all our activities, we strive to act with a long-term vision and awareness of our businesses, an approach we adopted several years ago.

Our objective

To work towards responsible real estate that integrates the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainable development.


Our company takes care to reduce disturbances and pollution, to collect and recycle our waste, to promote sustainable form of transport among our employees, and to monitor our electricity and paper consumption.

At the same time, we ensure the health and safety of our staff, providing them with ongoing training and offering solutions that allow them to achieve work-life balance.

We also ensure that these principles are upheld in the management of the buildings entrusted to us.

Quality Charter

Find out about our approach in our company’s Quality Charter

see the charter

From now on all our offer of goods for sale can be found on the website of our partner company.